Vacancy - Chief and Spv for Dept. Sewing, QC, and Cutting

Written By Farah Nabila on September 05, 2011 | 9:27 PM

Citra Abadi Sejati, PT unit Purwakarta

1. Chief Sewing 1 person, experience as chief of at least 4 years
2. Sewing Supervisor 1 person, experience as an SPV of at least 2 years
3. Chief QC 1 person, minimum 4 years experience
4. QC Supervisor 2 persons, minimum 2 years experience
5. Cutting Supervisor 1 person, minimum 3 years experience

Placement course in Purwakarta precisely on Jalan Raya No.263 Bungursari
Purwakarta Telp 0264-201882 (approximately 500 m from the intersectionSadang)

For those who have the above qualifications and are interested in developingthemselves along Clothing Apparel Group can directly submit an applicationalong with a comprehensive CV to:

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